• Throughout a tennis player’s career a win-loss ratio of 3:1 has been identified as essential for both developing confidence and ensuring optimal challenge during competitive play.
  • It should be the most important criteria considered in the selection of a competition.
  • For example athletes should look to “play up” only when they are able to consistently achieve this level of success.
  • Conversely, if an athlete is not achieving this level of success, they should adjust their competition selection by entering into lower level events, ensuring that the 3:1 win-loss ratio is met.
UTR Match Play is targeted towards hitting these key checkpoints:
  • Developing and understanding the love of competing.
  • Projecting a calm and positive attitude.
  • Learning to effectively manage mistakes in a positive manner.
  • Maintaining enthusiasm and enjoyment in competition despite the ups and downs.
  • Development of an identity as a “tennis player’, intrinsically motivated to compete.
  • Becoming resourceful in competitive situations.
  • Developing a “going for it” mentality“ – hitting the right shot under pressure,” regardless of the score or situation.
  • Acquiring the skills to control the pace of the match via both an understanding of match momentum and the use of routines and rituals.
  • Developing and understanding of the critical factors that affect the ideal performance state.
  • Developing the ability to reduce arousal levels through breathing and relaxation techniques while recognizing that emotions can be used positively.
  • Displaying positive self-talk, belief thinking and body language.
  • Respect players, other coaches and officials.


  1. Pay for the UTR Match Play / Tournament you want to play on Go Timmy – https://otrelite.gotimmy.com/pages/events. Please make sure you choose the correct match play / tournament for your level.
  2. Go to the UTR Website (myutr.com) and register for an account if you don’t have one or login to your existing UTR Account.
  3. Search for ‘TennisAsia Hong Kong’ and find the correct match play / tournament session that you paid for in the ‘Upcoming Events’ list. Each match play / tournament has a date, so please choose the correct one and press register. This will ensure your matches will be verified.
  4. Then type in the password that we would have provided you following your sign up on Go Timmy. If you do not have the password, please email our UTR professional Sanjay at [email protected] for the password.

A simple video to help you navigate through the sign-up procedure coming soon. Once you’ve done this a few times, it gets easier. We promise!


  • Registration announcements will be made on all TennisAsia social media platforms.
  • If you sign up to the wrong UTR event, then a HK$100 penalty fee will be applied.
  • Deadlines will be announced clearly and followed strictly. (72 hours before event starts)
  • We will also have a waitlist for those that miss the deadline for registration or when no spots are available.
  • No refunds for any reason will be given back to a player that has registered and paid.
  • Draws and schedules will be published 48 hours before the event takes place.
  • If a player withdraws after the draws have been published they will be defaulted on the UTR system and an email will be sent to UTR notifying them of misconduct and a HK$100 penalty fee will be applied.
  • Reporting time: 10 minutes before match time. (Sign in must be done in person)
  • If a court is available and a match has been called, a timer will be set. 15 minutes and a player not present will be defaulted.
  • A default will show up permanently on their UTR record.
  • 5 minute warm-up.
  • Breaks during matches will follow ITF Junior rules. (Appendix – ITF Junior rules)
  • Medical timeouts and breaks will also follow ITF Junior rules. (Appendix – ITF Junior rules)
  • Scoring formats may change, but will be set and established clearly before an event takes place. Please be familiar with these before entering.
  • No coaching on court.
  • No use of mobile phones on match courts.
  • Any outside interference – except from officials – will be considered as foul play and ITF Junior rules will be applied here. (Appendix)
Click here to ITF rules

UTR Myth Busters

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Please do read this carefully because it’s clear that the algorithm is not only complex but also dynamic.

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