Terms and Conditions

Private Lessons


  • Payments can be made by credit card via our registration system – Go Timmy; or by bank transfer to our HSBC Account #023 786 577 838.
  • Can also pay coaches in cash as long as our terms and conditions are followed.


  • Please inform your coach as soon as possible if you need to cancel (24 hours in advance is a minimum) to help your coach plan sessions professionally. 
  • We will follow government guidelines and venue policies strictly with regards to extreme weather conditions, civil unrest or virus outbreaks. 
  • Once payment is received, there will be NO refunds, except in case of extreme weather conditions, civil unrest or virus outbreaks.


  • Refunds for rained out sessions (Coach decides) will be provided unless a rescheduled session is made instead. 
  • In the event of inclement weather, OTR Elite will decide if lesson will continue 1 hour before the scheduled time of that particular lesson. 


  • No refunds for scheduled private lessons including a variety of appointments, school activities, other sports activities, hobbies, etc. unless more than 24 hours notice is given. 


  • OTR Elite employs internationally qualified professionals only.
  • OTR Elite Director, Jason Sankey, will coordinate with all professionals to ensure consistency in delivery in all venues. 
  • Jason will not be stationed ‘only’ at IRC going forwards, but will oversee all locations and venues to ensure smooth and professional sessions are maintained across the board.


To ensure more efficient communication, we encourage:

  • Players and parents to visit otrelite.com for all information on private lessons, programs, schedules, venues, coaches, UTR etc.
  • Emailing [email protected] for payment related issues for your private lessons.
  • Coaches will refrain from using phones during lessons except for urgent matters.


  • OTR Elite Limited may update these Terms and Conditions when necessary; we will do our best to notify of changes by email and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these terms and any changes.

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