Develop the person first, the athlete second and then the tennis player.

Development of a growth mindset.

Use our A.R.C. Belief System – Attitude is key in the mindset stage.

Character Development:

We have narrowed down 26 character skills – both moral and performance skills and have come up with 5 keystone character strengths we will be working with each year: Hard working, discipline, focus, competitive and resilience.

We believe these keystone character strengths will help build the individual as a person, and give them the best opportunity to reach their potential as a tennis player too.

Use our A.R.C System again here – Respect is key in the Character Development stage.


This is where the action starts to take place and we begin working on key skills for a player’s development.

Technical skills – focussing on 3 key fundamentals first: balance, contact and use of non-dominant arm.

Tactical skills – we focus on the key 5 game situations in all of our sessions: baseline to baseline, approaching the net, passing and lobbing, serving and returning. This again is the foundation of tactical development. We will implement more advanced tactical ideas as players develop more awareness and shift from a tennis IQ level 1 and 2 to a level 3 where they are primarily focused on their opponent and the other side of the court.

Mental skills – namely confidence, motivation, emotional control and focus.

Physical skills – our trainer has created a syllabus that links in nicely with our tennis syllabus and keystone character strengths will be used alongside his strength and conditioning programmes.

Use our A.R.C System again here where Commitment is key in the planning stage.


We strive to be more process rather than result orientated but we understand the importance and significance of outcomes and how they can help influence our mindset and give us valuable feedback for development.

We simply use outcomes as measuring tools – not as judgements of our players but merely as helpful observations for continual improvement.