OTR Elite Health Safety Policy

The Hong Kong government has reiterated various directives and public health warnings regarding COVID 19.

We will have the following precautions in place:

  1. Instruct your child to wear a face mask when traveling to and from training, especially if using public transport.
  2. Anyone visiting IRC must accept a body temperature check and fill in the Leave Home Safe App at the IRC entrance of the club and present screen to staff.
  3. No spectators allowed so drop-offs only.
  4. No gathering before or after sessions.
  5. Anyone attending ABD/HKTC/Redhill trainings, private lessons or camps must fill in a Health Declaration Form.
  6. Everybody must wear a face mask at any time within the IRC premises except when playing tennis, doing fitness, eating or drinking. (Consuming your own food and snack is strictly prohibited.)
  7. Everybody must wear a face mask at any time except when playing tennis and doing fitness.
  8. Coaches will make sure players do not share water bottles, towels.
  9. Make sure that your child brings all drinking water from home.
  10. Hand sanitizing will be enforced on arrival at the IRC and at ABD/HKTC/Redhill for all children attending private lessons, camps, group classes and UTR events. Please use your own sanitizer or wash hands properly if you have any skin allergies.
  11. Hand sanitizing will be carried out periodically throughout sessions.
  12. We are following the social distancing regulation (Cap. 599G) set by The Hong Kong Government when arriving or leaving the IRC and ABD/HKTC/Redhill, during warm up, tennis and fitness block, and cool down. 
  13. If any signs of illness are discovered or observed, Jason Sankey (+852 9418 1074) will be the first point of contact – and he will contact parents immediately – before making any decisions. Taivo (+852 9580 2290) will be the second point of contact if Jason is somehow not available.
  14. OTR Elite has a specific, clear procedural process that we follow internally. We have a clear chain of command to ensure efficient decisions can be made.
  15. Do not send your child to training if he or she has any signs of the virus, especially cough and fever.
  16. Please report any cases of the virus to the coaches immediately.
  17. Please refrain from sharing opinions or ideas on whatsapp group chats run by OTR Elite, but feel free to contact Jason or Taivo privately if you have questions or concerns.
  18. Jason has a team of advisors helping to monitor the situation daily and he is informed of key movements or decisions being made.
  19. OTR Elite will continue to follow the WHO and HK Government guidelines closely to ensure the safety of your children and our coaching team is our top priority.
  20. In the case of wet weather we will cancel classes. OTR Elite will offer make up sessions throughout Term 3.
  21. We encourage all parents to keep reminding their kids to follow our measures and our coaches will also make sure these are firmly in place.
  22. Please only attend training sessions if you agree to our safety measures that we have put in place. Let’s all work together to make this a safe and healthy environment for all.