All Invitational A, B and B+ Players have satisfied the Red –> Orange –> Green –> Yellow ball transition phases and have sound technical fundamentals – balance, contact and use of non-dominant arm.

They are aware of our 5 key character strengths and strive to improve these areas both on and off the court. They have to be invited into our programmes by Jason Sankey.

A young person could be excluded from the training after the end of term when he/she significantly decreases the quality of training of other kids:

  • Bullying/physical and mental aggression,
  • Lack of respect towards coaches, other players, club members and workers in IRC or Aberdeen,
  • Constantly arriving late,
  • Irregularly equipped.
  • B players have satisfied R –> G –> Y Transition and are 12 and under and competing in local and club tournaments regularly.
  • B players train a minimum of 2 times/week and up to 3 or 4.
  • B+ players are 12 and over and are transitioning to A level – not quite at international tournament level.
  • A players are 12 and over, competing in all local and some international tournaments and UTR events.

Our syllabus is consistent in both venues so it becomes a matter of preference and timing and space. One key difference is our strength and conditioning coach will be predominantly located at IRC but will be available for private sessions to all Invitational players.

Tennis is often called a lonely sport. Fitness sessions can change that by providing kids what they need throughout their teenage years: social interaction with peers.

Conditioning training will also introduce seasonal training system that is used by most of the semi-professional and professional tennis players all around the world.

Regular fitness testing will provide information about kids’ mental and physical development.

No, non-members are welcome. Everyone must follow the IRC internal bye-laws.

We charge per term for weekly group classes and payment is done online through our payment system Track My Tennis. For private lessons, these can be done with the coach directly or also online. Please refer to payment info by clicking here.

We do not provide make-ups for pre-paid term classes. We will offer make-up classes for rained out sessions towards the end of each term. At IRC we will offer mental and fitness sessions during rainy days.