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Summer Camp June 2021

1st - 30th Jun 2021

We have created an exciting summer program at the IRC and HKTC for all of you. Our theme this summer will be 21st Century Skills – the skills we need to survive and thrive in the 21st century. Although these skills have been researched and developed by the global education system, we feel as tennis providers we have a unique opportunity to support the education system and incorporate some of these skills into our training programs.

Summer Camp June 2021 1

Summer Camp June 2021 2

We believe these are also necessary skills on the tennis court and we will be spending the entire summer exploring these ideas through tennis – doubles, creative rallying situations, competition and team events. If you are not sure what level you are, please refer to this reference chart:

Dates: June 1st – July 1st – we will run morning camps at both venues (IRC & HKTC) as well as afternoon camps for those still in school.

Extra info:

  • If you are not in school, please do sign up for the suitable morning camps first to allow those players still in school to sign up for the afternoon camps.
  • From July 1st – August 1st our summer program may change and we will do more morning camps and open up the afternoons for team events and UTR competitions so please look out for updates later.
  • We will be adding another venue to our UTR events – The Ladies Recreation Club will allow non-members to register in UTR events from June on both Saturday and Sunday evenings so this opens up more doors to competition and fun doubles and team events.
  • Our Term 1 classes for the next school year will begin from August 17th 2021.

Inv A = Yellow Pro | Inv B = Yellow Dev | Inv C = Green Dev / Pro
63 Caroline Hill Road, Sookunpoo Valley, Hong Kong

Summer Camp June 2021 4


Summer Camp June 2021 5
Summer Camp June 2021 6
Summer Camp June 2021 7

Inv A = Yellow Pro | Inv B = Yellow Dev | Inv C = Green Dev / Pro
133 Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong

Summer Camp June 2021 8


Summer Camp June 2021 9
Summer Camp June 2021 10
Summer Camp June 2021 11
Summer Camp June 2021 12

Summer Camp June 2021 13

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