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Mental Fitness at IRC for Inv A or Inv B!

21st - 24th Dec 2020

Mental Fitness at IRC for Inv A or Inv B! 1

We have also – after listening to your feedback – created a mental fitness sessions that will be held at the IRC in person (not over zoom) Dec 21, 22, 23 & 24.

This is for Invitational A or B players.

A much needed mental fitness program that will be run in person at the Indian Recreation Club over the festive season with Jason Sankey and Taivo Stimmer.

The Mental Fitness program is created by Dr. Anthony Ross – Director of Mentally Tough Tennis.

Dates: Dec 21st,22nd,23rd,24th 2020
Time: 12:30-1:15pm
Place: Indian Recreation Club, 63 Caroline Hill Road, Sookunpoo Valley, Hong Kong
Price: $HK800/session (4 sessions in total @ HK$200/session)

This is a fundamental program level designed for tennis players with the hope of producing more mentally fit players and people and OTR Elite will be implementing many of the ideas on court too.

There will be higher program levels in the future that will become increasingly more challenging as you progress and it is suggested that everyone should start with this foundational level 1.

Each session will be recorded so those who cannot attend will be able to see the recorded session.

We are excited to add an ongoing mental fitness program to our existing program. Tactical, Technical and physical components are essentially glued together with the mental component and we feel that to better prepare for future tournaments we need to start tackling some of the mental issues as early as possible. The course will be interactive and fun but challenging at the same time and we look forward to seeing you guys there.


Who is Dr. Anthony Ross?

For those who want to learn more about sport psychologist – Dr. Anthony Ross and his P.A.C.T. Method, watch Anthony’s interview with Jason Sankey in our Off Court Video Series 2.

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