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Christmas Camps Registration Open!

21st Dec 2020 - 8th Jan 2021

As we approach the festive season, we wanted to say a big thanks for all your patience and support over the past few months.

It has been a testing year but has brought our team of coaches closer together and  we have been able to use the time off to create some cool areas of expansion:

  • We have now created an Invitational C (Green Ball) Group that runs twice a week and we even held our first Green ball tournament a few weeks ago. Many more to come!
  • We have added Redhill programs for C, B & A players and Rob Chambers – Redhill Head Pro is working on our exact syllabus to create more opportunities for players on the south side.
  • We have revamped our entire website and I know you’re all busy but if you do have time to browse through you might be surprised with the amount of useful information we have included there – program syllabus outlines for all of our groups, recommended training and match frequencies for every age of the player and also a checklist for parents, coaches and players.
    All of this information is backed by science and taken from a vast number of sources and we would encourage you to continue browsing this website:
  • Next year we plan on establishing partnerships with various colleges in the states and we will be working closely with Benny Lin (Based in LA & former National Coach of HK) to help educate parents, coaches and players on how to start preparing for college tennis opportunities.
    Benny and Jason have worked together before and they will be creating a series of interactive zoom sessions with some of the best college coaches in the world – from D1, 2, 3 and Ivy League colleges.

Now for the fun stuff – Christmas!

Christmas Camps Registration Open! 1

We have created camps daily for all of our junior players and we will also be running UTR Events and an end of Year Party and End of Year UTR Tournament with awesome prizes (Dates TBC).

Christmas Camps: 21st Dec – 8th Jan

We have also – after listening to your feedback – created some mental fitness sessions that will be held at the IRC in person not over zoom Monday to Friday for A players.

Click here to sign up now!

Christmas Camps Registration Open! 2

We have decided to create 2 main themes for Xmas this year which are both focused on the tactical side of the game:

  • DNA Theory – Defense, Neutral, Attack – this is a fancy name for a shot-selection theory that is simple but highly effective for juniors looking to play smarter in competition and make better decisions out there.
  • Law of 8 Opposites – This is a really cool way to help players identify their opponents’ weaknesses. It’s super easy to understand, challenging to master but really fun and helpful for all competitive players.
Christmas Camps Registration Open! 3
Christmas Camps Registration Open! 4

Invitational C:

  • DNA Fundamentals – Level 1.
  • Law of 8 opposites – Level 1 – Awareness.

Invitational B:

  • DNA Fundamentals & Application Level 1 & 2.
  • Law of 8 Opposites – Level 1 (Awareness) & Level 2 (Implementation)

Invitational A:

  • DNA  Application & Automation Level 2 & 3.
  • Law of 8 Opposites – Level 1 ( Awareness) Level 2 (Implementation) & Level 3 (Automation)

I know it ‘may’ seem complicated but we firmly believe that our juniors have the tools to succeed on court but they now need to understand how to piece those tools together and play smarter in competition.

I’m sure they will love it since they are all competitive and looking to perform better on the match court.

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