How we implement our visions

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Grading System

  • We believe we have incorporated an objective selection criteria inline with the company’s vision and philosophy.
  • Moral Strengths; Performance Strengths; Tennis Skills, Physical Skills & Parental Support.
  • Each category is a grading out of 5:
    1 = never; 2 = rarely; 3 = occasionally; 4 = most of the time; 5 = exceptional
  • Each player will have an average score out of 5.
  • Grading will be repeated each term and invitations sent out based on a priority system – 1,2,3 and not invited to return.


  • How we invite players into our programmes and what we expect from them.
  • After we have graded players at the end of a term, we will proceed to invite priority 1 players into the new term first. We will then proceed to invite priority 2 & 3 players before opening up to new potential players or to our wait list.
  • These new potential players will also have to at least be on a priority 3 level and will be re-graded after 1 month.

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